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<3 My Expectation About My Programme <3

This diploma will provide you with sufficient knowledge and skills to allow you to operate as a competent practitioner within the field of mechanical engineering

Within this context, the main aims of this diploma are:

  • to provide the opportunity for students to progressively acquire a thorough grounding in the concepts and skills of the central topics in mechanical engineering;
  • to give you the skills and knowledge to deliver solutions to real engineering problems;
  • to show you how engineering works in a business context, enabling you to achieve results within economic constraints;
  • to become effective engineers and undertake lifelong learning particularly for continuing professional development.

This course gives an integrated knowledge of engineering that is currently appreciated by most engineering employers. Core modules will provide you with a thorough understanding of many of the most important and central subjects in mechanical engineering today, from computer modelling to engineering materials. There is considerable focus on gaining practical experience and lectures by visiting practicing engineers will ensure you?ll become familiar with current methods and approaches within industry.

When you graduate you will be able to:

  • apply general engineering theory and scientific principles to find solutions to a wide range of practical problems;
  • understand the management and business practices and apply professional and ethical responsibilities including global and social context of engineering;
  • understand the use of relevant test and measurement equipment;
  • teamwork, management and leadership for effective practice;
  • demonstrate your ability to apply mathematical methods to model and analyse mechanical engineering problems;
  • display your competence with a range of test and measurement equipment;
  • apply creativity and appropriate computer based methods for solving mechanical engineering problems .



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  1. wanie95

    wow,you are the best student i ever see in politeknik seberang perai

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